Proxy Finder 2.5

Proxy Finder 2.5

Proxy Finder is a scanning tool designed to find open proxy servers
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Proxy Finder is a scanning tool designed to find open proxy servers. There are three versions of this application, and the only difference seems to be the number of search results that they can return. Proxy Finder scans a list of web sites that offer public proxies and it lists all the results that it finds in a list, which is rather basic. The list displays only two useful pieces of information: IP address and port number. It doesn't display a source (to know where it was taken from) nor a status for the servers. It also doesn't tell you what country each IP is from. There is no easy way to copy the addresses out of the application, so you have to manually type it in when you go to the configuration. Proxy Finder can save the list, to a .txt file presumably. The trial version, however, won't let you access this feature.

In my testing, the application populated a list of over 8,000 proxies, even though the standard version of this app is supposed to only return 3,000. I tried 10 random proxies and only two worked, and they didn't mask my IP address. In my opinion, this tool would be much more useful if you could easily check the status of the proxy servers. If you buy the full version and export a txt list, you can use other apps to do that.

JF Senior editor
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  • Some proxy servers work


  • Can't save the list with trial version
  • No easy way to copy individual IP addresses
  • No status
  • Most options don't work


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